Powder Puff Auto Stuff!!

Learn the in's and out's of keeping your vehicle up and running.

In this course you will learn about many basic and commonly misunderstood concepts and systems in the normal automobile. You will learn terms that help you know more about what the service technician is talking about when they are trying to explain a problem or issue with your car. You will learn several things you can do to keep your car working safely and dependably for many years. Some of the activities we will demonstrate will be, changing a tire, checking engine oil, plus other important fluid levels, checking engine coolant safely, and how to determine what kind of liquid is leaking from my car. You will learn about warning lights on your dashboard and which ones are the most urgent. Each class will have plenty of questions and answer time, and you can feel comfortable asking any car question without fear of embarrassment. The class will be very informal and fun for anyone that wants to improve their knowledge of the wonderful automobile.

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