Sayre Campus


Western Technology Center - Sayre, Oklahoma Campus Location


2002 NE Hwy 66
Sayre, Oklahoma 73662

580-928-9827 Fax


Hal Holt, Site Director


Full-time Programs, Jaime Partain, ext. 306
Conference Facilities, Nova Wright, ext. 301

General Information:

The Western Technology Center Campus at Sayre begins classes on August 11th. The schedule for morning classes is 8:10 am until 11:15 am. Afternoon classes begin at 12:40 pm and end at 3:45 pm. We welcome high school junior and senior students as well as adults. 

High school students interested in attending the Western Technology Center Campus at Sayre should contact their high school counselor to find out how to enroll. 

Adults that are interested in attending WTC’s Sayre Campus will need to take interest and aptitude tests on the morning of August 12th or August 22th. After test results are evaluated, new adult students may enroll in programs that have openings. Interested adult individuals should contact the technology center at 580-928-2097 to schedule an appointment for testing and enrollment. Interested adult students must make an appointment for testing in order to be enrolled.

Currently, there are a few remaining open positions for students in each class at WTC-Sayre EXCEPT Cosmetology. There is currently a waiting list for individuals interested in Cosmetology. It is suggested that if you are sincerely interested in the cosmetology program, set an appointment for the August 12th testing and reserve your spot on the waiting list.

All staff positions are currently filled at WTC-Sayre. Mrs. Jaime Partain has joined the Sayre campus as the new counselor.

Each program at WTC has a minimum of two career majors. The hours listed are the number of clock hours it takes to complete the respective career majors.

Program: Business Management and Administration:  Instructor: Mrs. Susanne Silk; Career Major Options: Administrative Assistant-600 hours; Medical Office Assistant-900 hours

Program: Health Careers:  Instructor: Mrs. Kathy Musick; Career Major Option: Advanced Patient Care Technician-973 hours

Program: Cosmetology:  Instructor: Mrs. Linda Johnson; Career Major Options: Cosmetologist for High School Students-1000; Cosmetologist-1500 hours 

Program: Criminal Justice:  Instructor: Mrs. Sarah Pierce; Career Major Options:  Criminal Justice Forensics and Security-532 hours; Criminal Justice Officer-1035 hours

Program:  Welding Technology:  Instructor: Mr. Randy Henderson; Career Major Options: Combination Welder-1050 hours; Welder/Fitter-1050 hours

Completing the staff at the Sayre Campus of Western Technology Center are:

Mrs. Jaime Partain, Counselor

Mr. Brent Clark, Maintenance and Custodial Services

Mr. Louis Brittain, Maintenance and Custodial Services

Mrs. Nova Wright, Administrative Assistant

Mr. Hal Holt, Campus Director 

Quote from Hal Holt:

“The entire staff at WTC-Sayre is excited about the new school year! We have an outstanding staff ready to challenge the wonderful young men and women that want to get a jump start on their future careers. We really believe in our Mission Statement: Educating People for Success!”