Welding and Metal Fabrication is designed to teach skills needed to find a position in this productive field. Individuals who are skilled in welding and joining metals are always in demand. Through our performance-based training, students will learn how welding systems work. Also, they will learn the safe and correct use of equipment, tools, and materials.

Employment Opportunities

  • Pipe Welder
  • Structural Welder
  • Boil Maker
  • Bridge Builder
  • Fabrication
  • Underwater Welding
  • Oilfield
  • Industrial
  • Owner/Operator

Certifications Available

  • AWS Certified Welder
  • CTTC Cutting Process Operator, Shielded Metal Arc Welder, Gas Metal Arc Welder, Flux Cored Arc Welder, Gas Tungsten Arc Welder

Salary Range

Up to $25/hour

Career Majors

Welder/Fitter -- 1,050 Hours

Course available for High School Juniors, Seniors, and Adults

In-District Tuition Cost $2,625 -- Out-of-District Tuition Cost $5,250 -- Institutional scholarships may be available


For more information, call Kelly Vanderwork at 580-928-2097, Ext. 308, or Email:  kvanderwork@westtech.edu