Cosmetology emphasizes instruction in the theory and practical skills needed to prepare students to take the basic or instructional licensing examination given by the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology.  Students study the latest industry standards in the on-campus salon.  Instructional skill areas include:  hair shaping, hair styling, hair coloring, chemical hair texturing, artificial nail application, hair removal, eyebrow tinting, scalp treatments, and scalp massage.  Additionally, students will receive instruction in developing employability skills and entrepreneurship in order to stay competitive in the beauty industry. 

Employment Opportunities

  • Salon Owner
  • Salon Trainer
  • Facial/Makeup Studios
  • Hair Color Technician
  • Haircutting Technician
  • Hairstylist
  • Platform Artist
  • Industry Educator
  • Educational Facilities
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Television, Theatre, and Movie Industries
  • Nail Services

Certifications Available

  • Opportunity to sit for the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology Basic Cosmetology and/or Master Instructor Exam
  • Career Readiness Certificate

Salary Range

Up to $50,000/year depending on location

Degree Requirements

Career Major

Major Requirements

Cosmetologist Public
Required Courses Hours
Total Hours 1000
Introduction to Cosmetology--Public 150
Manicuring and Pedicuring--Public 60
Professional Development--Public 100
Haircoloring--Public 120
Hair Texture Chemical Restructuring--Public 180
Haircutting--Public 120
Hairstyling--Public 180
Scalp Treatments & Shampooing/Conditioning/Rinses--Public 30
Facials--Public 60

Course is available for High School Juniors, Seniors, and Adults

Tuition Cost $2,000 --Institutional Scholarships may be available

Total Hours 1500
Required Courses Hours
Introduction to Cosmetology 150
Manicuring and Pedicuring 90
Professional Development 180
Hair Coloring 170
Hair Texture Chemical Restructuring 240
Haircutting 180
Hairstyling 300
Scalp Treatments & Shampooing/Conditioning/Rinses 30
Facials 160

Course is available for Adults

Tuition Cost $3,000 --Institutional Scholarships may be available

Master Instructor
Total Hours 1000
Required Courses Hours
Orientation and Review of Cosmetology Curriculum 60
Law, Beauty School Management and Record Keeping 90
Introduction to Teaching 120
Course Outline and Development 330
Teaching and Assisting in the Classroom and Clinic 150
Practice Teaching in the Classroom and Clinic 250

Course is available for High School Juniors, Seniors, and Adults

Tuition Cost $2,000 --Institutional Scholarships may be available


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