Superintendent: Hoyt Lewis
Assistant Superintendent, Director of Student Services: Kathe Corning
Business Manager, Administrative Assistant: Pam Clark
Financial Aid: Dana Ellis
Counselor: Cheri Lou Gastineau
Career Employment Coordinator: Shelby White

Background Check

Western Technology Center requires that each student purchases a background check through Background checks are required by our cooperating agency clinical sites.  Before allowing students to participate in the clinical rotation, a student must have completed a background check. The background check must be conducted within 30 days prior to the start of the agency rotation. Verification of results must be received by the program coordinator prior to the students rotation start date and will be honored for the duration of enrollment in the clinical program if the participating student has not had a break in the enrollment (see background policy for more specifics). Background checks (at the students’ expense) need to be conducted in all states in which the student has resided in the past 7 years.

Students may be required to have a drug screen at any time during the rotation. These screening tests are the same requirements as those required of employees.

WTC's Practical Nursing Program has arranged for its students to use the following Web site for their background checks:

Student Instructions | 
[email protected] | Phone: (888) 666-7788

About is a background check service that allows students to purchase their own background check. The results of a background check are posted to the Web site in a secure, tamper-proof environment, where the student, as well as the organization can view the background check. 
To order your background check from please follow the instructions below.


  1. Go to and click on "Students".

  2. In the Package Code box, enter package code: ES88.

  3. Select a method of payment: Visa, Mastercard or money order. *

*The fee may vary depending how many geographic locations you have lived.

Once your order is submitted you will receive a password to view the results of your background check. The results will be available in approximately 48-72 hours. Once your background check is complete, please provide your organization with the password in order to share your background check results.

Notes:  Please follow ALL online instructions.

Fact Sheet

The Division of Practical Nursing offers a 1463 hour, daytime only, adult program to be completed in 15 months. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED (in English) and meet pre-entrance testing and application requirements to be admitted into the program. Clinical practice is integrated with classroom theory and skills lab. The Licensed Practical Nurse works under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or physician.

This program is approved by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical Education (ODCTE), and the Oklahoma Board of Nursing (OBN).

Tuition and Fees:

Full-time Tuition is $2.00 per credit hour (1463 hours); other books; uniforms; supplies, and fees are required (see Expense List). Note: Prices are current but subject to change.


Oklahoma Board of Nursing
2915 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 524
Oklahoma City, OK 73106