HVAC Technology

HVAC Technology

This course prepares individuals as field ready technicians on domestic residential and commercial equipment systems with instruction on new installations as well as retrofitting of existing systems.  Students develop skills and proficiencies in troubleshooting through working from prints, schematics, and operation manuals.

Degree Requirements
Required Courses Hours
Introduction to Air Conditioning to Safety, Tools, and Equipment 30
Principles of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 60
Refrigerant System Components 30
Electricity for HVACR 60
HVACR Controls 60
HVACR Solid State Electronics 20
Heating Systems 100
Piping and Piping Practices 50
Refrigerant Recovery 30
Indoor Air Quality 15
Refrigerant and Lubricants 30
Refrigerant Retrofits 20
Air Conditioning Systems 100
Load Calculations 15
HVACR System Installation and Startup Residential 90
Air Handling 45
Professional Service 15
HVACR Preventive Maintenance 30
HVACR System Servicing Troubleshooting 90
Heat Pumps 60
HVACR Codes, Regulations and Standards 30
Workforce Staging 30
TOTAL 1,010

Course is available for High School Juniors, Seniors, and Adults

Tuition Cost $2,020 --Institutional Scholarships may be available

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