Diesel Technology

Diesel Technology provides students with training in the diesel mechanics field.  Technology has caused rapid changes in today’s diesel industry, and there is a huge demand for qualified technicians who have the skills required to repair and maintain diesel-powered equipment.  Students work on a variety of machines, such as highway trucks, autos, agricultural equipment, and construction equipment.  They will gain the knowledge and skills required for entry-level employment into the diesel mechanics field.  The program emphasizes safety and hands-on training.

Employment Opportunities

  • Farm/Shop Mechanic
  • Truck Repair
  • Bus Repair
  • Oilfield
  • Natural Gas Compression

Certifications Available

  • ASE Entry-Level Certifications--MHT: Brakes, Diesel Engines, Electrical/Electronics, Steering and Suspension
  • CTTC--MHT: Brakes Repair Technician, Preventive Maintenance Inspection Technician, Diesel Engine Repair Technician, Electrical/Electronic System Repair Technician

Salary Range

Up to $50,000 yearly

Degree Requirements

Heavy Equipment Repair Technician
Total Hours 1005
Required Courses Hours
Introduction and Orientation to Diesel Technology 30
Diesel Electricity Introduction 60
Heavy Equipment Preventive Maintenance 120
Diesel Electricity Fundamentals 135
Diesel Engine Systems 45
Diesel Electricity Advanced 45
Diesel Engine Specialization 165
Heavy Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning 90
Heavy Equipment Powertrain 120
Introduction to Fluid Power 60
Heavy Equipment Fluid Power 105
Workforce Staging 30

Course is available for High School Juniors, Seniors, and Adults

Tuition Cost $2,010 --Institutional Scholarships may be available

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For more information, call Andy Gearhart at 580-562-3181 Ext. 267, or email:  [email protected]