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The Paramedic Program is a 1,250 hour course running approximately 16 months (2 days per week) at WTC-Elk City campus.

The Paramedic course is offered by telecommunication broadcast and can be broadcast to other WTC Campuses.

Eligible applicants must be a registered EMT and complete the Paramedic Application process to enter the program.

CLICK HERE for the Paramedic Handbook

Click Here   Paramedic Application for Enrollment 2024

CLICK HERE for the Paramedic Expense List 2023-24

Course is available for Adults

Adult Cost of Attendance

Please note the in-district and out- of-district rates in the above link.
Financial aid may be available for those who qualify
Paramedic student clearing an airway
Paramedic students learning how to utilize technology for reading stats

Student Organization:

HOSA future health professionals

Elk City campus

For More Information, call 580-225-4982 

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