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Workforce 2000 Program

Welfare-to-Employment Program

An investment in people that provides a return on investment for Oklahoma

Coordinator, Diana Patterson-Smith,  580-562-4632


Students referred by DHS will have an opportunity to enroll in full-time, short-term, niche market or individualized skills training and receive employment services.

High School Equivalency Earned

Workforce 2000 student earned her GED

Workforce 2000

Transition from Public Assistance to Self-Sufficiency

Workforce 2000 is a joint effort between Western Technology Center (WTC) and the Department of Human Services (DHS). The project receives federal and state funding. DHS refers eligible clients who:

  • May be in education loan default
  • Interested in a non-traditional career path
  • Want technical skills training
  • Job ready but need additional skills to upgrade their current employment

Placement into training may include basic skills classes, WTC full-time training programs or short-term adult classes. Some clients combine training with their current employment.

The primary goal of Workforce 2000 is to empower clients with the opportunity to receive functional education, high school equivalency, training, social skill development and interest evaluation in order to prepare them for stable and financially secure employment. Long term employment will allow them to break free from the welfare system and become valuable resources within the community.