Michael Estrada, Haines Wrecker Service

Posted by Western Technology Center on 07/26/2017

Western Technology Center honors Haines Wrecker Service
Haines Wrecker Service has been an incredible partner for Western Technology Center since 2016. This partnership began when CEO, Michael Estrada, of Haines Wrecker Service, stepped up to meet a need during fire training classes at Western Technology Center’s Emergency Responder Training Center. Haines Wrecker Service delivered and set-up cars for the class to use when learning cutting and extraction techniques. This then led to cross-training opportunities with wrecker service personnel alongside fire and emergency medical services. 
Haines Wrecker Service has gone above and beyond to provide the needed cars for training purposes at no cost. Without the availability of cars and the manpower to move and set-up scenarios, these classes would not have happened!  With increased cross-training between the wrecker operators, fire departments, and emergency medical services, roadways are now being cleared faster and safer. This knowledge and training has helped wrecker operators across Oklahoma to do their job safely and efficiently, as well as providing time-saving techniques in clearing roadways. 
Through this partnership, Haines Wrecker Service utilizes Western Technology Center’s Emergency Responder Training Center facilities and Fire Service instructors to provide the additional cross-training opportunities that benefit not only western Oklahoma but the whole state. 
Through the generosity, commitment and service of this one company, many wrecker operators, fire and emergency medical service personnel are now better prepared when a roadway crisis happens. Together, Haines Wrecker Service and Western Technology Center are “educating people for success”!