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Burns Flat

Administrative Office

Kathe Corning Superintendent 580-562-3181 Ext. 210 [email protected]
Penny Berry Asst. Superintendent--Director of Instruction 580-562-3181 Ext. 212 [email protected]
Jeff Lewallen Director of Student Services 580-562-3181 Ext. 213 [email protected]
Pam Clark Business Manager 580-562-3181 Ext. 217 [email protected]
Cheri Lou Gastineau Counselor 580-562-3181 Ext. 280 [email protected]
Cindy Morse Financial Assistant--Payroll Clerk 580-562-3181 Ext. 211 [email protected]
Colten Huntzinger Network Technician 580-562-3181 Ext. 281 [email protected]
Ricky Willingham Network Technician 580-562-3181 Ext. 274 [email protected]
Alana Badillo Printing Technician 580-562-3181 Ext. 231 [email protected]
Dana Ellis Financial Aid Director 580-562-3181 Ext. 279 [email protected]
Stephanie Costello Career Specialist 580-562-3181 Ext. 285 [email protected]
Michelle Campbell Financial Assistant 580-562-3181 Ext. 214 [email protected]
Sarah Hirschman Marketing and Communication Specialist 580-562-3181 Ext. 218 [email protected]
Serenna Hitter Director of Human Resources/Insurance Coordinator 580-562-3181 Ext. 294 [email protected]
Sandra Sheets Student Records/Registrar 580-562-3181 Ext. 215 [email protected]
Michelle Nance Student Accounts Manager 580-562-3181 Ext. 278 [email protected]
Lori Piercey Financial Assistant--Accounts Payable 580-562-3181 Ext. 216 [email protected]
Nova Johnson Financial Assistant--Accounts Payable 580-562-3181 Ext. 200 [email protected]
Lindsey Martin Financial Assistant 580-562-3181 Ext. 292 l[email protected]
Amie Perez Administrative Assistant 580-562-3181 Ext. 0 [email protected]
Danny Nightingale Maintenance Supervisor 580-562-3181 Ext. 256 [email protected]
Barbara Brownridge Maintenance 580-562-3181 Ext. 256 [email protected]
Teresa Burkhart Maintenance 580-562-3181 Ext. 256 [email protected]
Deborah Reed Maintenance 580-562-3181 Ext. 256 [email protected]
Bobby Reed Maintenance 580-562-3181 Ext. 256 [email protected]
Kaden Matuszewski Maintenance 580-562-3181 Ext. 256 [email protected]
Glenn Nightingale Maintenance 580-562-3181 Ext. 256 [email protected]
Shelby Reimer Student Services Specialist 580-562-3181 Ext. 277 [email protected]
Toni Wilson Testing Specialist 580-562-3181 Ext. 276 [email protected]
Leticia Munoz Shipping/Receiving/Inventory Clerk 580-562-3181 Ext. 286 [email protected]


Academic Center

Elaine Loftiss Academic Center Instructor/Coordinator 580-562-3181 Ext. 253 [email protected]
Vicki Jones Academic Center Reading Specialist 580-562-3181 Ext. 259 [email protected]
Jessica Anthony Special Needs Representative/Academic Center 580-562-3181 Ext. 257 [email protected]


Business and Industry Services

Danny Britton Business and Industry Services Director 580-562-3181 Ext. 201 [email protected]
Cassandra Tutten Adult Education Administrative Assistant  580-562-3181 Ext. 242 [email protected]
Diana Patterson-Smith TANF/Workforce 2000 Coordinator 580-562-3181 Ext. 289 [email protected]
Janice Williams Adult & Career Development Coordinator 580-562-3181 Ext. 240 [email protected] edu
Sadie Shirley Health Programs Coordinator 580-562-3181 Ext. 247 [email protected]
Kevin Intemann Fire & Safety Industrial Coordinator 580-562-3181 Ext. 237 [email protected]
Darrell Greene GED Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 197 [email protected]


Math and Science

Marie Pool Biomedical Academy Instructor 580-562-3181 [email protected]
Shane Brashears Biomed Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 355 [email protected]
Beth Richert Biomed and Pre-Engineering Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 360 [email protected]
Ronnie Dupree Math Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 353 [email protected]
Deborah Warren Math Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 352 [email protected]
Monica Brinkley AP Chemistry/Algebra II Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 302  [email protected]
Lena Lewallen Pre-Engineering Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 208 [email protected]

Practical Nursing and Health Careers Certification

Christy May Licensed Practical Nursing Coordinator 580-562-3181 Ext. 264 [email protected]
Ann Worthington Practical Nursing Administrative Assistant 580-562-3181 Ext. 262 [email protected]
Lisa Scott-Holman Licensed Practical Nursing Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 251 [email protected]
Shelby Gladd Licensed Practical Nursing Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 252 [email protected]
Linda Badillo Health Careers Certification Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 265 [email protected]
Kim McClure Health Careers Certification Instructional Assistant 580-562-3181 Ext. 296 [email protected]


Technology Instructors

Chris Carpenter Auto Collision Repair Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 261 [email protected]
David Wright Auto Service Technology Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 255 [email protected]
Loretta Brewer Auto Mechanics Building Secretary 580-562-3181 Ext. 224 [email protected]
Michelle Potter Business Technology Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 271 [email protected]
Janelle Pease Culinary Arts Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 225 [email protected]
Magda Watanave-Rivera Culinary Teacher's Assistant 580-562-3181 Ext. 225 [email protected]
Katrina Thomas Snack Bar Operator 580-562-3181 Ext. 225 [email protected]
Kristy Plaza Food Preparation Aid 580-562-3181 Ext. 225 [email protected]
Ashley Hix Computer Networking and Repair Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 258 [email protected]
Zach Mattox Construction Trades Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 260 [email protected]
Kathy Whitson Cosmetology Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 254 [email protected]
Shelly Tate Cosmetology Instructional Assistant 580-562-3181 Ext. 235 [email protected]
Andy Gearhart Diesel Heavy Equipment Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 267 [email protected]
Daniel Boling HVAC Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 117 [email protected]
Denise Wilkinson Multimedia Technology Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 228 [email protected]
Greg Wedel Service Careers Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 230 [email protected]
Karla Wedel Teacher Prep Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 358 [email protected]
Don Hart Welding Instructor 580-562-3181 Ext. 266 [email protected]
Elk City Campus

Elk City Campus

Danny Britton Emergency Responder Coordinator/Campus Coordinator (580) 225-4982 Ext. 102 [email protected]
Courtney McHenry Administrative Assistant (580) 225-4982 Ext. 101 [email protected]
 Todd Brooks Safety Instructor  (580)225-4982 Ext. 103 [email protected]
Steven Babek Night Supervisor (580) 225-4982 [email protected]
Rick Mitchell Maintenance (580) 225-4982 [email protected]
Hobart Campus

Hobart Campus

Jeff Ledford Campus Coordinator 580-726-8400 Ext. 302 [email protected]
 Josie Lesley Administrative Assistant  580-726-8400 Ext. 301   [email protected]
Sayre Campus

Sayre Campus

Dee Wilhelm Sayre Director 580-928-2097 Ext. 302 [email protected]
Kylee Chapman Health Careers Certification Instructor 580-928-2097 Ext. 313 [email protected]
Linda Maberry Counselor 580-928-2097 Ext. 306 [email protected]
Nova Wright Administrative Assistant 580-928-2097 Ext. 301 [email protected]
Brent Clark Maintenance/Custodian/Bus Driver 580-928-2097 Ext. 303 [email protected]
Cathy Alexander Academic Center Instructor 580-928-2097 Ext. 307 [email protected]u
Greg Hartman Welding Technology Instructor 580-928-2097 Ext. 308 [email protected]
Bill Helton Cosmetology Instructor 580-928-2097 Ext. 309 [email protected]
Susanne Silk Business Technology Instructor 580-928-2097 Ext. 311 [email protected]
Sarah Pierce Criminal Justice Instructor 580-928-2097 Ext. 312 [email protected]
Weatherford Campus

Weatherford Campus

Audie Corning BIS Campus Director 580-774-0224 Ext. 104 [email protected]
Aaron Donaldson Safety Instructor/District Safety Officer 580-774-0224 Ext. 112 [email protected]
Cathy Carter Safety Administrative Assistant 580-774-0224 Ext. 111 [email protected]
Karen Conboy Administrative Assistant 580-774-0224 Ext. 101 [email protected]
Marsha Morris Business Management Development 580-774-0224 Ext. 103 [email protected]
Nathan Benefield Computer Technician 580-774-0294 Ext. 119 [email protected]
Leroy Roberson Maintenance 580-774-0224 l[email protected]


Dental Program

Evelyn Tilson Dental Building Administrative Assistant 580-772-0294 Ext. 117 [email protected]
Kelly Pease Dental Assisting Instructor 580-772-0294 Ext. 125 [email protected]
Tina Tuck Dental Hygiene Instructor 580-772-0294 Ext. 121 [email protected]
Julie Schneberger Dental Hygiene Assistant Instructor 580-772-0294 Ext. 120 [email protected]