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Western Technology Center | Business and Industry ServicesWestern Technology Center’s Business and Industry Services provides western Oklahoma business owners, managers, and personnel with assistance and training to increase productivity and to develop new business strategies.

Western Technology Center offers a wide variety of training relevant to all industries. 

Services Offered

Services Descriptions

Business Entrepreneurial Services

The Business Entrepreneurial Services program is designed to provide business owners, managers, and personnel with information about changes, innovations, and practices that can affect profitability. The program assists businesses in achieving their goals through improved management practices, organizational evaluations, and operations. As a part of BES, Western Oklahoma Human Resources organization, which is comprised of various western Oklahoma CEOs and Human Resource personnel, assists businesses and their personnel managers with HR compliance. WOKHR acts as an educational liaison between employers and employees and assists HR personnel with national and state legal issues. The organization meets the second Thursday of every month, except August and December, at various locations throughout western Oklahoma (see Schedule). For information about WOKHR, contact Marsha Morris at 580-774-0224 ext. 103 or [email protected]

Western Technology Center | Business and Industry ServicesFeatures of Business Entrepreneurial Services include: 

  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Business Plan Development
  • Product Development
  • Start-up Costs
  • General Business Training
  • DOT Compliance Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • 7 Habits Training
  • One Minute Manager
  • Other Business Topics.....

For information about the Business Entrepreneurial Services program, contact Marsha Morris at 580-774-0224 ext. 103 or [email protected].

Fire and Safety Training

WTC provides safety training customized to meet your need and goals—at your site and on your time schedule—and related to your unique hazards in the workplace. Training can be done monthly, quarterly, or biannually—whatever your work schedule and budget dictates.

Western Technology Center | Business and Industry Services

The safety and fire training program offers assistance to employers who want a safe working environment for their employees by providing the existing workforce with focused safety training programs and a means to target high-risk areas in the workplace. 

Additionally, it provides professional fire training opportunities to full time and rural fire departments in western Oklahoma. WTC assists fire departments by providing upgrade training and training on new systems and equipment.

Safety training can help you:

  • Decrease lost time accidents
  • Reduce your workers’ compensation costs
  • Create a safe working environment
  • Western Technology Center Fire Safety ProgramIncrease productivity and profitability
  • Avoid OSHA fines

Features of the program include: 

  • Ventilation
  • Wildfire techniques
  • Ladder safety
  • Electrical safety
  • First aid
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • And many others

WTC will conduct a needs assessment to determine your specific training needs. Such training is customized to fit your exact specifications. For information about the Fire/Safety Training program, contact Tammie James at 580-225-4982 Ext. 102 or Cortney McHenry at 580-225-4982. Ext. 101.

Training for Industry

Customized Industry Training

Training provided to existing business and industry geared to assist them to remain competitive and grow in the marketplace.  This is customized training for companies in an effort to remain competitive, increase profitability, retain jobs and to position themselves for expansion and maintain viability.  Types of training include:

  • Upgrade training when companies install new equipment, processes or technology
  • Training in new computerized manufacturing applications
  • Training for new product lines
  • Upgrade training for supervisors and front line managers
  • Apprenticeship training for existing employees
  • Training for a group of companies in a common skill set
  • Health Care projects that incorporate leadership or employee retention

Training for Industry Programs

Training for Industry Programs (TIP) is intended to fund customized training for new and expanding industries in Oklahoma and to get you the talented, skilled, and productive workforce you need to succeed. TIP will assist you in the training of new employees as related to new jobs created. It is administered by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE) and delivered by Western Technology Center. 

TIP is available to manufacturing, processing, business services, and warehouse and distribution companies, which create new full-time jobs with benefits. TIP provides training in many areas at a reduced cost to qualified companies. 

  • Western Technology Center | Business and Industry ServicesEmployee Recruiting
  • Pre-Employment Training
  • Pre-Production Training
  • Customized Training Manuals and Videos
  • Job and Equipment Specific Training
  • Quality/ISO Training
  • Management Training
  • New Equipment Operation Training
  • Skill Training

Experts from ODCTE and WTC will meet with technical experts from your company to identify the needs within your industry, and a training program will be designed from that assessment. Once a decision is made and a Statement of Understanding approved, which includes the duties required by each industry, the areas of training, length of training, number to be trained, and any other requirements, has been signed, training will begin. After the initial training has been accomplished, WTC can provide ongoing training at a significant cost savings to your company. It is our goal to establish a long-term relationship with you and your employees. 

NCCER Certification Training and Operator Qualification (OQ) Training

National Certification training, formally recognized by OSHA & ANSI, for specialized technical training courses including Heavy Equipment, Mobile Crane, and Pipeline OQ training.

For information about the Industry Training Programs, contact Dennis Baxter at 580-774-0224 ext. 116, Kevin Intemann at 580-562-3181 ext. 237, or Jeff Ledford at 580-726-8400 ext. 302.

Truck Driver Training
This WTC program will provide working knowledge of commercial vehicle operations, air brake systems, safety practices and DOT rules and regulations. The student will receive experienced instruction, range and road driving, practical application of skills used in highway driving and will work side by side with professionals toward completing a Class A CDL.

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Bid Assistance Center and Government Procurement Assistance Program

Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network (OBAN) providers are a local resource available at no cost that can provide assistance to businesses seeking contract opportunities in selling their goods or services to the federal, state, county and local governments, as well as private and commercial businesses and industries.  

Coordinator:  Wayne Coffee, OBAN, PTAC (Procurement Technical Assitance Coordinator); Office Phone:  405-643-3276; Cell Phone:  405-668-2434 cell; Email:  [email protected]


Customized Safety Plans

A safety plan is a written document that describes the process of identifying physical and health hazards that could harm workers, procedures to prevent accidents and steps to take when accidents occur.  The written safety plan is your blueprint for keeping workers safe.  Federal standards require written safety plans for specific workplace activities.  Many organizations adopt voluntary plans to increase worker productivity, to prepare for special emergencies and for workplace security.  Designed to help business meet or exceed federal safety standards. Let Western Technology Center develop your customizable, written safety plans for your company’s safety solution.  Contact Stephanie Prince at 580-774-0224 Ext. 112 or [email protected], for your practical compliance analysis. 


Features of Customized Safety Plans Include:

  • Identification of physical and health hazards
  • Accident Prevention
  • Procedures to follow if an accident happens
  • Preparation for special emergencies
  • Workplace Security
  • Meet or Exceed Federal Safety Standards