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To develop an innovative and highly skilled workforce in Western Oklahoma by providing workplace skills

On December 7, 1965, the U.S. Department of Defense announced the closing of Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base in Burns Flat, Oklahoma. In June of the next year, The State Department of Vocational and Technical Education completed a feasibility study to determine if a local district could form an area district around the former base. January 27, 1970, was the beginning of Western Technology Center when several school districts unanimously voted to become a part of the area district and the election of board members was held for Zones 1 through 5. In 1987, the new 350-seat seminar center and cafeteria were completed at the Burns Flat campus.

In May of 1991, WTC purchased property in Weatherford along I-40 located on Historic Route 66. Renovations to an existing building were soon completed and classes began in 1992. August of 1995 construction was completed at the Sayre campus and both full-time and part-time classes began. In 2003, WTC opened a fourth campus in Hobart, The Kiowa County Adult Education Center. This campus offers an adult education and training facility, which annually hosts a number of group meetings in the Kiowa County area and offers patrons conference facilities.

The next year WTC began renovating the east wing of the Weatherford campus to house a partnership program with the University of Oklahoma's School of Dental Hygiene, which opened in 2005. The state-of-art Dental Lab and high-tech classrooms include WTC's Dental Assisting program along with the WTC/OU Dental Hygiene baccalaureate program.

In 2005, WTC became the home of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority at Burns Flat. Teamwork between WTC, OSIDA, and NASA continues to develop fields of study in the aerospace industry. In 2009, the Burns Flat campus became home to a regional branch of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.

WTC provides western Oklahoma with workforce training for adult and high school students along with customized training programs, expert assistance and training facilities for business and industry services. WTC has more than 90 employees, who train hundreds of students and clients each year. Additionally, it has 14 partner schools: Arapaho-Butler, Burns Flat-Dill City, Canute, Clinton, Cordell, Elk City, Hammon, Hobart, Lone Wolf, Merritt, Sayre, Sentinel, Sweetwater, and Weatherford.

WTC employs a superintendent, an assistant superintendent of secondary programs, an assistant superintendent of business and industry, and a business manager.

Director of Student Services
Director of Instruction
BIS Campus Director, Weatherford
BIS Campus Director, Burns Flat, Hobart and Elk City
Sayre Site Director
Business Manager, Administrative Assistant

Hoyt Lewis
Kathe Corning
Penny Berry
Audie Corning
Eddie Peck
Hal Holt
Pam Clark
Frankie Hinds

WTC is governed by a school board, which consists of a president, vice president, and three members. A member is elected by the public from each district within the service area. School Board and Meetings.

Western Technology Center serves 14 school districts in Western Oklahoma. Junior and senior students from these school districts have the opportunity to enroll in a training program and gain certification at WTC.

WTC Sending Schools

Western Technology Center takes pride in our state and nationally accredited programs and courses where students can gain knowledge and training to prepare them for certification. The success of our students, recognition of their hard work, and increased employment opportunities are foremost in our goals at all times.

  • Alliances with Colleges and Universities
  • American Association of Medical Personnel (AAMP)
  • Automotive Services Excellence (ASE)
  • Commission of Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association
  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist
  • National Automotive Training Education Foundation (NATEF)
  • National Healthcareer Association (NHA)
  • National League of Nursing
  • Oklahoma Board of Career and Technology Education
  • Oklahoma Board of Nursing
  • Oklahoma Department of Education
  • State Board of Cosmetology (SBC)
  • Veterans Administration State Accrediting Agency

WTC has four campuses located in Burns Flat, Sayre, Weatherford, and Hobart.

CLEP Plan 2011-2015

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  • Rules for Career and Technology Education, Title 780 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code


  • Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, 25 O.S. Supp. 2010, Sections 301 et seq.


  • Oklahoma Open Records Act, 51 O.S. Supp. 2010, Sections 24A.1 et seq.